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Nanny advice: Go beyond the basics

In the majority of married households in the United States, both parents work outside of the home, with children going to childcare or being looked after by a nanny until the parents return home from work. For many, this means hiring a talented childcare expert who not only looks after their children but takes care of a wide variety of household tasks during the day, such as laundry, preparing their kids' meals and cleaning. As such, families aren't just looking for a nanny, but an extension of their family.

For those looking for nanny jobs, this means that expanding your advertised skillset can be a major boon in finding a new family to work with.

There are many skills that families are looking for that go beyond the basics of what is required to be a nanny, so consider improving and putting some of the following talents on your resume:

Bilingual – Nannies that speak multiple languages are in particularly high demand with families looking to teach their children new languages at a young age or with families who are not native English speakers. Make sure you list any additional languages you are fluent or almost fluent in.

Cleaning – It's quite possible the family will expect you to do laundry, wash the dishes and perform other tasks, so make sure you know how to do all of these things the proper way, while learning family preferences on chemical usage and schedule for cleaning.

Cooking – Providing the children you care for with nutritious meals may be part of your job, but you'll also need to be able to follow dietary and allergy restrictions, so make sure you're aware of these and up-to-date on healthy eating options, including snacks, for kids.

Education – Many families are also looking for a tutor for their child, which makes any nanny with a background in education an extra bonus. If you specialize in a particular subject matter, make sure to include that on your resume.

Special skill sets can be an asset in any career, but as a nanny they could spell the difference between landing a job with the perfect family or not. If you have any skill that might be of value to a family looking to hire a nanny, make sure to develop it, stay up to date on the latest trends related to it and list it on your resume to ensure you find the right fit for your next job.

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