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Nanny job interviews: What questions will they ask?

As a nanny, getting ready for your next interview can be nerve-wracking. Preparing is key, so giving yourself an idea of what to expect will help you answer questions with confidence. The specific concerns parents have will likely depend upon how old the child is, but there are some general things that will probably come up, such as your previous childcare experience and lifestyle habits. 

Although they may sound invasive, the questions clients ask are supposed to help them figure out whether or not you're right for them. There are several categories of questions that could come up in these interviews: some apply to the nanny's personal child discipline style, while others pertain to their background or reason for being a nanny.

Mother Nature Network said that trust is the most important factor when parents look for a babysitter. That's a broad concept and can reference a number of different behaviors. Clients will want to know not just that you're literally trustworthy, but that you're safe as well. This could include being able to respond well in emergencies, such as performing CPR if necessary.

There are also other kinds of crises the nanny will have to handle, such as when the child has a tantrum. You'll need to come up with an answer that shows how you deal with these problems in a proper way. It may help if you have specific examples from your previous history to draw from. 

Applying for nanny jobs in Los Angeles will put you in the spotlight, but working through Colonial Domestic Agency will give candidates a safe route to go through. Be sure to follow this blog learn more about our service and what we can do for your career.

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