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Nanny jobs a great way to pay bills after college

Many recent college graduates are looking to alternative ways to pay their bills as the job market still struggles to improve. For many, becoming a nanny in Los Angeles may be the ticket.

For college students, nannying can be an excellent part-time job, but when graduation comes, taking it to full-time might be better than entering a stagnant job market. Even with Master's degrees, many recent grads are struggling to land careers in their industry, making becoming a nanny or personal assistant and other domestic services highly appealing. One expert has even noted that an advanced degree can be more appealing to parents who are looking for an educator as well as a caretaker for their child.

"They're looking into the total education of their child," Becky Kavanagh, co-president of the non-profit International Nanny Association, told NBC News. "They see [a Master's degree] and say, 'Oh my gosh, I have to have that.'"

Some parents are even willing to pay a highly-educated nanny more, the news source noted.

By entering domestic jobs, either in housekeeping, becoming a nanny or another field, recent graduates can start paying off their loans. The biggest appeal, however, is the life experience such positive experience can provide. For those considering a job in domestic services, learning from your employer, young charges and other staff can offer worldly experience impossible to gain otherwise.

Colonial Domestic Agency can help recent college graduates enter the workforce as a nanny, chauffeur, personal chef or any other number of jobs, getting a new lease on life after your education. The experience and growth opportunities enabled by such a move can help ease the transition out of college and add valuable assets to one's life and resume.

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