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Nanny necessity: CPR and first aid certification

In a recent survey conducted by the International Nanny Association (INA), 13 percent of nannies admitted that they were not certified in CPR and 20 percent said that they had never been trained in first aid. While there are no licensing requirements to become a nanny, any new or experienced child care professional should consider CPR and first aid training a necessity for their work. 

While it may be upsetting to think about tragic events happening to the children in your care, you must remember that you may be the only person around to help them if such a situation arises. After taking CPR and first aid courses, you will be able to: 

  • Check the scene of an emergency
  • Evaluate the needs of the injured person
  • Determine whether or not you need to call 911
  • Recognize choking and other respiratory issues
  • Use first aid skills to treat bleeding, cuts and insect bites. 

After you take these safety courses, you will still need to take refresher classes periodically to keep your certifications up to date. This will keep you aware of any changes in technique that you should know about, and will also keep you confident in your skills. Renewing your certifications also shows potential employers that you are serious about your job as a nanny and want to everything you can to keep their children safe. 

If you are a nanny in New York City or Los Angeles who has the skills necessary to work with top employers, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. Our counselors may be able to match you with families are looking for someone with your talents. 

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