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Nanny tips: Fall activities to engage charges

As a nanny you need an ever-evolving repertoire of activities and games to keep your charges entertained and engaged. Fall offers a plethora of exciting options, from simply walking outside to decorating for Halloween. As the leaves turn and the many holidays that make up the end of the year fast approach, make sure you are ready to keep the children you watch busy with fun, seasonal activities.

A few of our favorite fall and Halloween-related ideas include:

Carving pumpkins – You can help your charges design and carve Jack-o-lanterns to decorate the home and get them interested in art and crafts. Furthermore, they can present the results as seasonal gifts to their parents.

Planning Halloween costumes – Children love Halloween, and planning costumes, even if they don't use them, can fill an entire day with excitement. From crafting accessories to drawing and coloring these ideas, children can spend hours coming up with new ideas throughout October.

Pressing leaves – As the leaves changes, children will love collecting a variety of colors and pressing them in a scrap book. As a nanny, you can take them to the park to collect leaves from various species of trees and in varying colors throughout the month to complete an eclectic display of the most prominent visual feature of autumn.

Any nannies in Los Angeles can get excited about fall and Halloween and pass that enthusiasm on to their charges by using these or many other activity ideas as part of their routine through the autumn months. Colonial Domestic Agency provides tips and domestic staffing services for nannies that already have a family, or those looking for work.

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