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National Scotch Day: A chance for food and drink

On July 27, the country celebrated National Scotch Day, a time for discerning fans to appreciate their favorite beverage. As with other spirits, pairing this drink correctly can help bring out its flavor and be a great premise for a gathering. Knowing the different options opens up what foods you can serve, and private chefs of Beverly Hills can help your home become a great site for tastings.

Robb Report recently recommended some of its favorite scotches in the spirit of the day. These include single and blended malts, as well as brands aged 17 years or more. If reading that  got you in the mood to host a tasting party, finding a good private chef will help set the stage. It’s nice to know that you have someone in the house, perhaps even living with you, who can understand the complicated ways tastes work together.

What are some of the best foods to pair with whiskey? Although a chef is the best person to ask, a 2011 Houston Press article gives a few ideas, such as foods with distinctive, strong flavors. Whiskey is often described as “smoky,” and certain types of cheese or chocolate can provide the edge that goes well with the whiskey’s taste.

Roasted meats can also work, although the article suggested avoiding overpowering sauces and spices for meat. Just enough to make the connection in the mouth can be sufficient, and knowing that exact balance is part of why professional knowledge comes in handy.

A private chef will work for your household and be available for special events as well as everyday meals. Colonial Domestic Agency can help you find a candidate with years of real experience for your household staff.

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