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NBA newbie hires personal chef to drop weight, get in shape for next season

Anthony Bennett was the No. 1 rookie draft pick in the 2013 season, but had a painful start to his NBA career. Going into his second year on the Cleveland Cavaliers, Bennett attributes his poor first season to a lack of proper conditioning and weight gain that year. In between seasons, Bennett hired a personal chef to help him get his nutrition in order and drop those extra pounds.

"This is my playing weight, this is where I've been through high school and college," Bennett told the media following the Cavaliers' most recent summer league game, in which he scored 15 points. "It feels good being back at my playing weight. But I just have to stay healthy. It's a good feeling not coming off surgery. I'm excited about that."

The Cavalier's website reported that Bennett lost 19 pounds during the off season. He noted that last season was a difficult one for him, "a real learning experience," and that he made a commitment to stay in the gym and get back in shape for this year.

Hiring a personal chef can do a lot to improve diet and help someone get into shape. Diet takes nearly 80 percent of the responsibility for weight gain, and making drastic changes can help nearly anyone cut body fat and get lean.

Whether you're one of the LA Lakers or just someone trying to eat healthier, hiring a personal chef can be the first step in the right direction. Colonial Domestic Agency offer the job placement services to help pair a cook with the right employer and get you the food expert you need to start eating better without sacrificing taste at the same time.

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