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New apron line caters to personal and professional chefs

Thanks to Ellen Bennett—a chef turned apron designer—the culinary world has just gotten more fashionable. Bennett began working in the business as a line cook at top-named restaurants as well as a personal chef for an undisclosed celebrity, and realized it was difficult to find a stylish and practical kitchen uniform that fit correctly. This led the 26-year-old to create her very own apron line, Hedley&Bennett, a year and a half ago.

"It was literally all very instinctive," Bennett told Pret-a-Reporter of how she first started her apron line. "It'd be like, the weight doesn't feel right, I need it lighter; the strap needs to be thicker so it doesn't wrinkle. It was all based on what I didn't have in an apron before."

Bennett's determination and knowledge of the culinary field has paid off. The young and enthusiastic designer recently grew her business from a one-woman operation in her home to a 15-person company in a trendy L.A. headquarters.

Currently the line features about 46 different apron styles in various fabrics, colors and patterns. The business also sells chef coats, chef hats and farmers market bags in stores across Los Angeles.  Bennett also customizes aprons for celebrity chefs including Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio. The ensembles cost from $38 to $126.

As you can see, being a personal chef is quite a creative profession and can lead to an abundance of new and exciting professional opportunities. If you're looking to continue your career in the domestic service industry, be sure to register with Colonial Domestic Agency!

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