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New food festival celebrates diversity in chef industry

This fall, the city of Los Angeles will host the "CookOUT/RockOUT," food and music festival to celebrate LGBT chefs. The food festival was formed by Bruce Seidel, the former Food Network executive who has developed hit TV shows such as "Iron Chef America" and "Next Food Network Star."

Currently Seidel operates Hot Lemon Productions, a consulting and production company with a focus on food. Seidel wanted to showcase diversity within the chef industry and brainstormed ideas to do so. At first he thought about creating a reality show that mentored food professionals dealing with coming out and other issues. Then, he realized the topic would be better suited for a food festival celebration.

"It's a way to showcase, in a positive, fun light, diversity within the food world," festival founder Bruce Seidel tells Connecticut news source CTpost. "The goal is to show people that, 'Hey, gay people are everywhere and this is a way to celebrate that whether you're gay or not.'"

The festival will be attended by around 500 people, and feature both gay and straight chefs from all over the country. Oprah's former personal chef is said to be on the list of attendees. It will be held at an LA estate built by a silent film star in the 1920s. Seidel tells the source that he wants to focus on food experiences opposed to an array of mismatched samplings.

In addition to tasty food, CookOUT/RockOUT will also include a wide array of musical selections ranging from classical to rock.

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