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New York Yankees’ chef shares his inspiration

Chef J Maxwell, who currently works for New York Yankees' star CC Sabathia, knows that success takes hard work and determination.

The Harlem-raised Maxwell discovered his love for the culinary arts in his grandmother's kitchen, where he made traditional dishes like macaroni and cheese and collard greens. His grandmother would sit him at the table during dinner preparation and then test Maxwell on the recipes.

The cooking skills acquired in Maxwell's childhood certainly paid off. Just out of high school, Maxwell began his own catering business. He catered events for his friends and family – sometimes for free. Through this endeavor, he learned the power of hard work, attention to detail and a personable attitude. When it comes to his vision, he doesn't let anything hold him back.

"There has been a shift in both the personal chef and executive restaurant chefs industry. In the past, African American Chefs were not as prevalent in the kitchen as they are now, which made entering the field challenging," he tells New York news source Amsterdam News. "[But] presently, a lot of my colleagues are men and women of color."

With his positive attitude, he was able to move to Atlanta and fulfill his dream of catering to celebrity clients, such as Outkast's Big Boi. However, his biggest accomplishment has been becoming Sabathia's personal chef, a position he has held since 2012.

As you can see, being a personal chef can be an extremely rewarding career and open the doors for even more professional endeavors. To continue your successful career as a personal chef, be sure to register with Colonial Domestic Agency!

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