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Note to job candidates: Don’t worry too much about these 3 things

A job interview can stress you out far before you even meet the prospective employer. While a certain level of anxiety can keep you on your toes, you don't need to sweat so much when it's time to talk to important people. One way to cool down a little is to figure out the things you don't need to focus on at all and can safely ignore.

Before you freak out in your next big interview, take a second and remind yourself about the most important parts of the process:

  • The cover letter: It certainly seems like this should be important, but it's not necessarily the end of the world if it isn't. It could be more effective to not squeeze in too much information and instead try to connect with the employer and their culture more directly.
  • Stylistic flourishes: Along the same lines, the resume and cover letter need to look good, not impossibly beautiful. If issues with fonts, spacing and other design elements are bothering you, don't let them. The interviewer is going to be more interested in what you can do for them than what you've already done with your own paperwork.
  • Dwelling on the past: If you've made it to the interview, odds are you don't need to talk too much about what's come before. Mention relevant experience, by all means, but don't dredge up stuff that doesn't matter or will only make you more uncomfortable. The key is knowing what makes the most sense for this particular interview and how to string all of the details of your employment history together.

Housekeepers and other staff who want help finding the right employers can work with a domestic agency for some reassurance and support.

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