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Oklahoma personal chef discuses party planning

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may have already started planning your parties for the season. While decorations and music are essential elements of a good party, your biggest concern will most likely be food. If you want to have a stress-free time at your event, it may be a good idea to hire a private chef to do all of the mealtime preparation. 

In interview with Urban Tulsa Weekly, a local Oklahoma publication, Chef Jason Vaughan, discussed how and why he made a career transition into planning and cooking for private events from working in a restaurant. The Tulsa native, who worked in Arizona and Colorado before returning to his home town, specializes in southern comfort food, but says that his real talent is perfecting the details on an assignment that he already been given. 

"One of my mentors taught me a valuable perspective many years ago when I was first starting my private chef business," Vaughn told the publication. "He said you have to be able to customize your skills and give the client what they are looking for  […] It's not about what you have to sell or your food. It's about what vision your client has for their event or special occasion."

Vaughn said that the first thing that he does when working with a new employer is figure out their personality. While some may be very organized, and know exactly what they want, others may have no idea. It's important to respect both, he said. 

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