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Organizing shoes: A simple task that saves time

When shoes are left out in the middle of the floor, they can literally trip you up a literal problem. Using organizational skills, the clutter from these shoes will go away, even if you have a lot of footwear to account for. All it may take is a little visualizing to come up with the right solution.

First, determine how much space you have to work with. Are you starting inside a tight doorway or at the front of an open room? There are storage opportunities all around you, from hanging shelves to stand-alone displays in the center. If there's no floor space, but lots of room on the walls, consider hanging up some racks. On the other hand, low cabinets and other smaller solutions can be more appropriate in the reverse situation.

This isn't even considering the closets themselves, which are an obvious choice for shoes you won't need every day. Aside from hangers, these spaces can give you a place to stack up boxes of packed clothing, or tuck shoes inside large carriers. You can do this to add to the space that's already there.

A different, and perhaps showier option, displayed in this Apartment Therapy article, is to simply put shoes wherever they'll be noticed, as a kind of art piece that also serves a functional purpose. The example in that article shows four pairs of shoes, all different, bright colors, placed at varying spots on a small bookcase. This solves the storage problem while also making a statement.

For an extra set of hands to help you clean and organize important things, find a domestic housekeeper. By working with the right one, you can come up with creative solutions to common household frustrations like these. With professional housekeepers, you will be able to go about your day without worrying about the little things that cause you stress.

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