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Pairings: An important part of cuisine

While a personal chef isn’t a sommelier, he or she may know a good deal about tastes. This can be useful not just in creating a flavorful menu, but in crafting dishes that go together, which might include wine and beers that you should try with food. If you have a major gathering on the horizon, good pairings could end up being a memorable part of the event, especially if you make use of local beverages.

Knowing what’s available in your area can certainly give you an edge as a host. Perhaps you remember discovering a good drink at a tasting and want to find a meal that matches the taste. The Los Angeles Times recently reported on The Bruery, an Anaheim-based establishment that recently opened its own tasting room for sour “wild ales.” Because of the wooden barrels and specific atmosphere, a place like this could spark the desire for a home-based tasting and dinner of your own.

CBS 2 in Los Angeles featured a whole list of different area wineries to choose from. California, of course, has a reputation for wine, and it’s possible a visit to one of the area’s locations could get you in the mood for a party that shows of vintages like the Puzzuoli wine from Tustin. Make a good impression on others and get the benefit of well-made food right in your home.

One of the many possible tasks of a personal chef job is planning and preparing for dinners. When you get a professional involved, you can get rid of that responsibility and keep the focus on your individual preferences at the same time.

Hire a personal chef for help with both special occasions and everyday meals. Colonial Domestic Agency provides you with an easy way to find the right staff for your home.

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