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Parents favoring educated nannies

In a recent article with, 28-year-old Ashley Newhall states that although she has a law degree and master's in agricultural law, her main source of income is currently working as a nanny.

The tough economy mixed with loads of student debt has resulted in Newhall taking a nanny job to help pay the bills and she credits this alternative career choice for helping her stay afloat. The family she nannies for, and other parents who hire post-grads as nannies, can't complain and tend to enjoy the fact that they are employing someone with such an impressive resume.

"We have a person who finished her degree in education, so she's able to do projects with the kids. We have an occupational-therapy student and a social worker — and they're all bringing added benefits, so it's not just a teenager sitting there waiting for her boyfriend to come over with the pizza," Rachel Kerner, a physician and mother of two toddlers who lives in Melrose Park, Pa., tells the news source.

Furthermore, post-grads tend to have a more flexible schedule when it comes to babysitting. On the contrary, high-school students are typically busy with extracurricular activities, sports and homework.

Not all educated nannies boast law degrees. Some of them had initial plans to become teachers, but realized that due to budget cuts there are not as many openings as there once were. Being a nanny allows them to put their degree to good use.

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