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Part-time Housekeeper Needed for an Estate in Santa Barbara, CA! (Starting Salary: $30/hour)

A part-time housekeeper is needed for a prominent estate in Montecito, CA! Housekeeper needs to obtain 5+ years of experience working for a private household with excellent communication skills. Housekeeper must also be a detailed cleaner, good laundering skills, obtain knowledge and experience caring for antiques and art. Housekeeper needs to also acquire proper knowledge in products and techniques for cleaning all types of surfaces. Duties will also include–pet care, running various errands, care for plants, oversee maintenance personnel if needed, polish furniture and basic cooking. This position is part-time (3 days/week), starting salary is $30/hour. All interested and qualified Santa Barbara housekeepers, please send your resume to [email protected] and/or contact us via phone at 310.276.7606

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