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Part-time Laundress needed for a prominent family in Malibu, CA! (Starting Salary: $35/hour)

A prominent family in Malibu is searching for a part-time laundress to join their staff and assist with specific duties. Laundress needs to obtain 5+ years of experience working as a laundress, be highly skilled in caring for all types of fabrics and delicate clothing, be knowledgeable in removing all kinds of stains, and highly skilled in laundry, ironing, pressing, steaming, hand washing. Laundress will need to acquire excellent communication skills and be able to work in a team with other staff members. This position is part-time (3 days/week) and starting salary is $35/hour. All interested and qualified laundress’ please send your resume to [email protected] and/or contact us via phone at 310.276.7606

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