Personal assistant skill: Staying organized

An experienced personal assistant knows that it’s important to stay on top of their work. Your job is to manage the professional life of your employer, so if you can’t keep your own life organized, how will you be successful at your job? Some people believe that the ability to stay organized is inherent and can’t be learned. Whether or not you agree with this assertion, there are a few things that you can do to be a more organized and proficient personal assistant.

  • Keep an eye on your employer’s calendar – You should copy all of your employer’s appointments into your smartphone or personal planner and make a point to compare schedules regularly to keep your calendars in sync. It reflects positively on you when you are aware of the details of your employer’s availability.
  • Prevent surprises – Once you become aware of a good or bad situation that could affect your employer, you should inform them immediately. You shouldn’t assume that he or she already knows. Hearing important news from someone other than yourself is a sign that you are not attentive or are possibly hiding something. No one wants an unreliable personal assistant. While some news may seem unimportant, it may be critical information for your employer’s work.
  • Take notes – Whether it’s a pen and paper or a mobile device, make sure that you always have some way to take notes. Successful professionals are always thinking about ways to run a more successful business. Neither of you will remember everything, so taking notes will enable you to look back on these ideas in the future once new projects begin.

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