Personal assistant to Helena Bonham-Carter and Rachel Weisz reveals her secrets to success

One of the most coveted jobs in the domestic service industry is that of celebrity personal assistant. These professionals often are afforded benefits that are impossible to find in another position, like trips around the world and the chance to brush elbows with the rich and famous. However, day-to-day life in one of these roles isn't a walk in the park.

Celebrity personal assistants are highly dedicated, hard-working, multi-talented people who put in incredible hours toward their profession. Take Donna Coulling, a veteran of the industry who has worked with both Rachel Weisz and Helena Bonham-Carter. She was recently interviewed, along with several other high-profile personal assistants, by the Irish Independent, and gave the scoop on working as a celebrity personal assistant.

"Every day is different and I love not knowing what I'm doing from one to the next. It takes a certain type of person to do this job – not everybody can do it," Coulling told the publication.

She advised aspiring personal assistants to be honest with their employers, particularly regarding job responsibilities. Coulling told the source that she has always delineated her job scope before beginning a role.

On her own personal website, Coulling emphasizes confidence, flexibility and adaptability as key skills that every celebrity personal assistant should have. She also has an independent career that complements her work – she offers coaching sessions and group seminars for those looking to get into the industry.

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