Personal assistants: The power behind the executive

The saying goes "behind every great man is a women," but in the business world, it should be "behind every great executive is a personal assistant." In many instances, the personal assistant exerts significant influence over an executive's daily activities, including many business decision making processes.

Personal assistants not only help make the busy lives of executives easier, allowing them to focus on the stressful, critical decisions they have to make on a daily basis, but also act as the "eyes and ears" for them on a level within the company that the executives themselves often cannot reach due to their status as "the boss."

"I am often called in to give my boss insight into a variety of situations which may be occurring within the office or with our Shareholders or Contractors," one personal assistant recently told Women's Agenda, a news source focused on women in the workplace. "During the recruitment of a senior manager role my boss asked me to sit in on the interviews and to ask a few questions. The purpose was to see how the candidates interacted with a woman and whether they just saw me as the support or as a valued team member."

To this end, personal assistants often play a role in decision making in the form of an advisor. According to the news source, this also allows employees who connect on a more casual level with the PA to get their concerns aired.

The role the PA plays is a more important one than many realize, making it a lucrative career choice for anyone in Los Angeles. If you're interested in personal assistant jobs in LA, contact Colonial Domestic Agency.

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