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Personal chef Jane Coxwell shares recipes from her world travels

At the age of 31, Chef Jane Coxwell has already had a pretty interesting life. Born in Zimbabwe to South African parents, she left culinary school and home when she was 21 with dreams of working on luxury yachts. For the past decade, she has traveled to every corner of the globe learning about food and what people want to eat. She also picked up the job of personal chef to fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg. 

Her adventures around the world inspired her to write and publish her very first cookbook, 'Fresh Happy Tasty: An Adventure in 100 Recipes," which features healthy recipes with simple ingredients. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Coxwell talked about her professional journey and her thoughts on the private chef industry. 

After starting culinary school, Coxwell quickly realized that she wanted to be a personal chef, but admits that she was naive about the process of finding jobs and being hired. "I heard there was this industry you could work on personal yachts," she said to the source. "I sort of looked it up online, and the only book I could find was 'How to Work on Yachts' […]. This really weird little book didn't say much other than to go to the south of France and Fort Lauderdale. Those are the hubs. Get a curriculum vitae printed up and you'll get a job."

She also noted that her culinary school was not helpful in finding students jobs outside of restaurants, and in fact discouraged them from pursuing non-traditional careers. Chef Jane does not regret her decision and loves her work. Not only does she cook, but she plans, develops recipes, shops for food and entertains. 

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