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Personal chef thanks farm upbringing for talent in the kitchen

Growing up on a farm can give one an intimate knowledge of food straight from the source, and one personal chef in East Cooper Estates, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, has credited this upbringing with launching her career.

"I heard stories my whole life about my great-great-grandmother talking to my grandmother about how to cook," says Emily Kimbrough, a private chef and part-time culinary instructor. "She had a wood-burning stove and she'd have my grandmother put her hand in and say, 'This is what 350 degrees feels like.'"

Kimbrough realized how beneficial her upbringing on a farm was when attending Johnson & Wales University's Charleston campus. While her classmates were asking what chickens ate, Kimbrough already had a firm understanding of more complex subject matter, such as how pH levels affect a meal.

Learning about where food comes from, not just how to prepare it, can provide a personal chef with a much more well-rounded background for their career and offers unique insight into not just where food comes from, but how to create complementary dishes in a more traditional fashion. Seasonal vegetables paired with the appropriate harvest times and meats can create rather interesting menu options.

For personal chefs that didn't grow up on a farm, the opportunity to learn still exists of course. Either through self-training or classes, you can learn many of the skills that come naturally to those with a farming background and offer them as a valued skill in any private kitchen.

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