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Personal chefs help bring healthy trends to employers

Personal chefs doesn't just cook their employers' meals, they also act as nutritionists and health advisors in many ways. From selecting quality ingredients to managing their boss's diet, a personal chef works to optimize both the appeal and nutritional value of every meal they prepare. As a critical member of both the household and their employers' lives, personal chefs have to stay abreast of the latest health information and trends to ensure they are providing their principle with the best meals possible day after day.

In order to optimize the value of the meals they prepare, there are a few things personal chefs need to keep in mind: the latest trends, the latest details on health research and the preferences of their employer. From seasonal to local cooking that are many trends that claim to optimize the nutritional value of one's diet, and Personal chefs also need to be able to separate the nonsense from the information with real value.

Here are a few tips for making the most of your role as a private chef:

Control the kitchen – As a personal chef the kitchen is your kingdom, and you need to rule it with an iron fist. Knowing exactly what ingredients are in your kitchen and where they came from will help you manage your menu, ensure allergy requirements are met and minimize any crisis that might occur, such as running out of an ingredient or spilling something.

Local is better – While it might seem like hype, shopping for groceries at the local farmer's market does have a lot of value. This provides greater access to organic, quality food items, and also gives back to the local community and helps bolster an important part of the economy. As a personal chef, sourcing ingredients locally will also allow you to cultivate a unique, seasonal menu that will keep your employer intrigued by his or her meals, rather than getting bored with the same recipes every month.

Not all fad diets are wrong – While a fad diet is often just that, a fad, there is some merit to staying on top of these trends. Your employer likely does. From paleo to vegan, knowing your employer's, and his or her guests', preferences, will allow you to optimize any menu to appeal to everyone and maximize the health benefits of even a "comfort food" meal.

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