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Planning outings with your nanny: Local museums


It helps to know the surrounding area when you’re planning a day out for your kids. A proper nanny, especially one with local experience, will probably have her own ideas of where to bring children, and it’s a good idea to have multiple options ready, in case bad weather or some other issue forces you to change your plans. Local knowledge will also let you know if big things are coming to the Orange County area.

Let’s consider museums, which can be a great rainy day idea for children, with lots of available activities, depending on where you go. Here are a few examples you can find through a simple web search:

  • Discovery Cube: A hands-on place for kids, according to the site. Interactive exhibits include a water lab, an inspector training course, and a mock mission control center. It could be a good place for children with a lot of energy.
  • Laguna Art Museum: For more mature children, this museum could offer a fun way to experience art. That’s not to say there aren’t programs specifically for children, either, since the museum offers kids’ art studios for drop-ins so they can work on their own pieces alongside their families.
  • Pretend City: As the county’s children’s museum, this makes an obvious first choice! This location has regular and special exhibits that allow kids to learn and have fun at the same time. 

It can be tough to entertain rambunctious youngsters, but an experienced nanny will have some ideas to help you do that. Contact a domestic agency to start looking for qualified the smart way. Don’t neglect some unconventional options for trips, as long as you have someone with the right knowledge to ensure everything goes as planned.

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