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Play, art, offer growth opportunities for children

Nannies in Los Angeles are always looking for ways to foster growth and creativity in their young charges, and experts suggest play, as well as art, as a critical way to support early childhood development.

"With art, it's just another way that they can talk," noted child development expert and preschool teacher Jessica McQuillen to The Bellingham Herald. "They can express themselves before they even learn words."

McQuillen teaches at the Thompson Child Development Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, focusing on the development of social and emotional skills in art and music. She allows the students to freely create – an activity that bolsters mental growth while giving children an outlet to express themselves through. This makes the art similar to therapy for the children, while being educational at the same time.

Coupled with play, this makes art a powerful tool in the growth of a child that nannies can use as well. Purchasing some art supplies and painting or drawing with the children in your care can help you bond with them and give them a way to express themselves that will be easier than words at times.

Programs focused around play are becoming more important in preschool settings, with teachers focusing on play-based activities to help students learn skills related to social interaction, critical thinking and more. The end results are students that are far more prepared for the social settings of school. Nannies can also apply these concepts to helping their charges with social interaction, as well as developmental growth outside of the classroom.

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