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Prince George has a new nanny

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been going back and forth about their need for a nanny since the couple first announced that they were expecting their now seven-month-old son. The "will they or won't they" drama finally came to an end when the royal couple hired Jessie Webb – William's childhood nanny – to take charge of the care of Prince George.

Webb, who is 71 years old, was not expected by many royal watchers to be the young prince's permanent caregiver. When she was first hired, she worried that the rigors of such a job could take a physical toll on her, and the Daily Mail reports that she recently handed in her notice. 

The Royal Family quickly began the work to find a nanny, largely because the Duke and Duchess will be making an official trip to Australia and they plan for their tot to be in tow. 

It must not have taken very long for a new nanny to be found, as Miguel Head, Prince William's personal secretary, may have let the news slip when discussing with the press who would be going on the trip:

"It consists of me and the Duchess's Private Secretary, Rebecca Deacon, three press officers, a tour secretary, a personal assistant, a hairdresser and an orderly to help manage the logistics. Sir. David Manning will also accompany Their Royal Highnesses throughout. A new addition to the party is, of course, Prince George's nanny."

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