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Private chef to launch show on cooking ‘From Scratch’

Joe Gatto, a filmmaker-turned-private chef, is looking to launch a new type of cooking show that focuses on old-fashioned scratch cooking. Called "From Scratch," the show will focus on not just the food used, but its origins – Gatto will milk cows himself, make butter and cheese, even harvest his own salt from ocean water.

"Little about cooking shows has changed since Julia Child," Gatto told the Boston Herald. "We said, let's ruin the format. Completely change it. About three quarters of 'From Scratch' is spent outside the kitchen. I love to know where my food came from, how it was raised, how it was grown. Growing up in the kitchen with my mom, she made everything from scratch. That's what drives me today."

Despite earning fame as a filmmaker in the 2000s with his independent film "Overserved," Gatto still works as a private cook.

Gatto said the point of his new show is to "break down the myth" surrounding cooking from scratch. Where food is sourced from is growing increasingly important for those that care about their meals, but "From Scratch" seeks to take this a step further and show people how they can control their food's origins.

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