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Private chefs turning a new leaf on Eating Healthy Day

November 5 is National Eating Healthy Day, and some personal chefs are breathing life into the faux-holiday with some interesting menus. According to The Tennnessean, restaurant and private cook's alike in Nashville are creating meals focused around the American Heart Association's recommended four and a half cups of fruits and vegetables a day.

These ideas range from using avocado oil instead of butter in cooking to adding salsa to dishes that might normally get sour cream and cheese, such as a baked potato. They also included advice on adding a little variety of vegetable dishes.

"Adding capsaicin [found in peppers] to daily dietary intake not only stimulates the taste buds, but also suppresses the appetite, causing you to become fuller faster and allowing you to maintain a healthy caloric intake and not overeat," Gairdt Edwards, a private chef in the area, told the news source.

Adding cayenne pepper and other spices to a unique vegetable dish can make it more appealing to diners of all persuasions. Other healthier eating tips include reducing the amount of saturated fat consumed and eating less sugary food items.

Personal cooks play a pivotal role in their employer's nutrition and health and developing a well-balanced menu that caters to both the preferences of the diner and health concerns can be tricky. This is a special skill that personal chefs need to develop and maintain, in addition to learning new methods and techniques in the kitchen and maintaining a high-level of personal decorum and etiquette.

Being a private chef is more than cooking, it's being a critical member of a household's staff, with added responsibilities. If you think you have what it takes to become a personal cook in Los Angeles, contact Colonial Domestic Agency for more information.

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