Domestic Staffing

Professionals you should hire to build a successful crew of domestic workers

Are you so busy with work and taking care of your family that you need help around your home? Here are four types of professionals you should think about hiring:

1. A housekeeper
If you're the type of person that likes to host events at your home, you know how important it is to keep your residence tidy. A housekeeper will keep your house looking like you just moved into it, which will certainly impress your guests.

2. A personal assistant
You're likely a very busy person. You have meetings to attend, reports to file and presentations to give. The last thing you want to do is to think about bringing your suits and formal wear to the dry cleaners or going grocery shopping. Personal assistants can help you do this and much more. The end result is spending more time on your business ventures and with your family and friends.

3. A houseman
Throughout the course of the year you'll find that your home and yard needs maintenance. Driveways, windows and other exterior portions of your home need to be washed. Your yard needs to be mowed, and branches removed. Housemen keep the outside of your home looking orderly and presentable to guests.

4. An estate manager
With all of these people you've hired, you may find that you need an estate manager – someone who can step in and lead your staff when you're not home. Estate managers should have extensive background in managing teams. They need to be able to feel the pulse of their domestic staff, problem solve and reward their crew when appropriate.

Estate managers are the leaders of your staff, so if they're doing their job correctly, there's a good chance that productivity will be high.

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