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Protocol the No. 1 skill for aspiring estate managers

When it comes to making a career as an estate manager, one of the most important skills you'll need to develop is a strong knowledge of the appropriate protocol for any situation. Protocol is a set of guidelines for appropriate behavior — knowing the right etiquette for any circumstances, environment or event. For an estate manager, this is the core theme of the work they perform, whether they're managing the day-to-day roles of other domestic staff or handling a visit from esteemed guests.

The Protocol School of Washington describes the difference between protocol and etiquette as similar to the "art vs. science" argument.

"To know the difference is to recognize how the two meld together and support each other like the term 'art + science,'" the school notes. "Distinguishing them individually is key in comprehending their differences."

As such, you should consider the appropriate protocol training to make sure you're ready for any situation the job throws your way. This skill requires you to understand introduction orders, appropriate seating arrangements, cultural sensitivity and the right precedence for any social gathering your employer might be hosting. To this end, there are a variety of training programs available in protocol to get you started and prepared for both cultural and business protocols.

Estate managers ready for this step in their careers should enroll in the appropriate protocol certification program and advance their resume as necessary. Furthermore, consider purchasing The Protocol Red Book, a guide to diplomatic, official and social use of protocol.

Colonial Domestic Agency offers key job placement services for estate manager positions, while providing feedback on your experience and the suggested next steps to further your career and make you a more appealing candidate for any home. For more information on our services or for career assistance, contact us today. 

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