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Rapper Petey Pablo paid “personal chef” to cook meals in prison

Orange may be the new black, but is prison the new buffet station? Rapper Petey Pablo was recently released from prison for previous gun-related charges. While spending time in the slammer, Pablo surprisingly ate well after paying another inmate to act as his personal chef over the past two years.

The personal chef would cook tasty meals – including dishes like chicken, pizza and rice and beans – in the microwave. Pablo tells TMZ that his personal chef was more like "Miss Claudette" than iconic chef Wolfgang Puck.

"[Wolfgang Puck] ranges are not available in the big house, but microwaves were readily available. The 'chef' would buy ingredients from the prison commissary and whip up the meals. Pablo's favorite was a spicy rice bowl with jalapenos and available meat," reports TMZ.  "It was some of the best food you could ever make in a microwave," the rapper tells the source.

Although Pablo was sentenced to 35 months behind bars after his firearms conviction, he was released four months ahead of schedule. We're wondering if the rap star plans on adhering to his culinary ritual by hiring a true personal chef fulltime now that he's free…

As you can see, being a personal chef is quite a creative career and challenges individuals to think outside of the box (or should we say oven)? If you'd like to show off your cooking skills and make tasty meals for high-profile clients (ones that don't wear orange jumpsuits of course), be sure to register with Colonial Domestic Agency! We can match you with a client who appreciates your talents. 

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