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Resume tips for housekeepers

Anyone looking for employment must present him or herself in the best light possible. As a housekeeper, you may have gotten previous jobs through word-of-mouth recommendations, but in order to qualify for more advanced positions through a domestic staffing agency, you will need a well-drafted resume. We offer the following tips to help you get started:

Work Experience

You should dedicate the most space in this section to jobs that are relevant to housekeeping. Even if they are not the most recent positions you've had, all relevant work experience should be listed first. Don't forget to include cleaning positions in places like hotels and hospitals if you have had them. You can also list jobs that are not directly related to housekeeping, but keep their descriptions short and only mention aspects of the position that can be transferrable to domestic work.


This section should highlight anything that you can do relevant to housekeeping. This includes vacuuming, sweeping, disinfecting surfaces, etc. Be sure to review the job description to make sure that your talents match what the employer desires. For instance, if the candidate for the position will also be preparing meals, you should list and describe the type of food you know how to cook.


The type of educational requirements you will need for a housekeeping position will entirely depend on the needs of the employer. If you have attended any certificate programs or taken any continuing education courses, list them on your resume. Candidates who engage in educational pursuits outside of work may be more attractive to certain employers. 

If you are a housekeeper in Los Angeles, contact Colonial Domestic Agency for help with your job search. Our counselors are skilled at matching applicants with employers who desire their experience and skills.

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