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Retired housekeeper receives generous holiday gift

This past holiday, a beloved housekeeper by the name of Mary Alice Cooper Jenkins, 83, was granted her Christmas wish when she received a new cottage in Columbus, Georgia. According to local news source the Ledger-Enquirer, Jenkins' home recently fell apart due to her poor health, leading her friends to nominate her for the NeighborWorks project.

Through the project, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson presented Jenkins with the keys to the new home and was joined by 75 members of the community, including Susan Milligan, who co-chaired the initiative.

"[Jenkins] not only came in and helped me learn how to be a wife, helped me learn how to be a mother through example but she also helped me graciously end that marriage and go into another one," Milligan told the news source. "More than anything she has been a friend to me."

Over the years Jenkins has been a part of many households throughout the Columbus area. However, when her health started to fade, so did her home. Infested by termites, mold and mildew, the house was no longer livable. Thanks to generous donations from the Columbus community, Jenkins is now able to live in her new space, equipped with furniture and up-to-date appliances. Some of Jenkins' prized possessions, including a vanity given to her by her grandmother, have even been restored.

It is clear to see that hardworking Jenkins has made quite an impression on her community. If you too want to find a meaningful career that will not just foster professional growth, but also friendships along the way, be sure to register with Colonial Domestic Agency.

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