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Retired housekeeper receives home from former employer

Finding skilled and reliable domestic staff can be difficult, but when you do find the right person, you can create a long and productive relationship. We recently came across the story of Mary Alice Cooper Jenkins, a retired housekeeper from Columbus, Georgia, who received a generous gift from her former employer when her home fell into disrepair. 

According to an article in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Jenkins cleaned the homes of others for over 40 years while at the same time struggling to maintain her small rented house. Her home of 34 years had become termite-infested and had severe mold damage. Repairing the home was too expensive. Jenkins' plight recently caught the attention of Susan Milligan, who had employed her for 12 years. In appreciation for her service, Milligan spearheaded an effort to raise funds to build Jenkins a new house.

"Mary was a master redecorator in my house, and every time she changed pillows, every time she changed the way something was sitting on a table, it always looked better the way Mary did it," Milligan  told the Ledger-Enquirer. "I was just so sad that I had not been able to help her keep [her house] up before. So I promised that this time I was going to be cleaning her house."

Earlier this month, the city of Columbus held a groundbreaking ceremony for Jenkins' new house on land donated by another one of her former employers.

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