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Rolls-Royce begins chauffeur training program

Every Los Angeles chauffeur knows that a Rolls-Royce is the ultimate super-luxury vehicle. According to the automaker, an owner of a Rolls-Royce can only truly enjoy the experience of riding in one of their vehicles if it is being driven by an experienced chauffeur. As such, it is implementing a training program for new and seasoned drivers who want to learn more about driving etiquette and sound handling techniques.

Rolls-Royce is first implementing its new "White Glove Programme" in the Asia Pacific region, reports The Nation, a Thai newspaper. This part of the world is experiencing major economic growth, and its consumers represent a large share of the ultra-luxury vehicle market. Andi McCann, the Rolls-Royce employee who will run the course, told the source that private drivers should be prepared for any kind of situation on the road.

"Always think ahead and anticipate, check the route for obstacles like roadworks," McCann told the source. "Sometimes the longer route is the smoother route, and country roads may be better than expressways."

He also said that a good chauffeur should always have his employer's favorite snacks and beverages stocked in the vehicle. In addition, the driver should be able to engage in conversation with passengers, but also be aware if they're not interested in talking.

The Rolls-Royce driving program also includes instruction about security and dealing with accidents.

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