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Samsung revolutionizes “nanny cam”

Many homeowners opt to place nanny cams inside of their house to ensure that their children are safe throughout the day. If you are thinking about installing this feature in your home, you're in luck. The new Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor surveillance camera is the latest invention on the market to put your mind at ease.

Although Dropcam is the leader in the business, consumers were consistently complaining that this camera doesn't withstand the outdoor elements. However, if you're a parent you know that children love to play outside, whether they are drawing with sidewalk chalk or building a snowman. Luckily, the new Samsung option is rated IP66 weatherproof by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association so it can withstand rain, snow, hail or any other climate-related condition. 

"Samsung's smart camera connects to your home wireless network and allows you to view what is going on from any internet connected device," reports "You can set up alerts for motion, and there's a little microphone and speaker built in so you can talk to the intruder (or nanny) that's in your house."

The petite camera connects to a Wi-Fi base station and power source inside your house with an ethernet cable, providing convenience and high-tech capabilities. In addition to the weatherproof version, Samsung has also announced the debut of the indoor SmartCam Pro and the SmartCam Pro HD.

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