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Should I hire a housekeeper?

"I can clean my own home," you tell yourself. "Why would I need to hire a housekeeper?"

Many people ask themselves this question when they consider whether or not they should employ someone to help out in the home. 

"Women are especially susceptible to feeling guilty for wanting or needing help," Licensed family and marriage therapist Jody Gilmore said in an article on "Often they see wanting to hire a housekeeper as a weakness, when in fact, it should be looked at as being very practical and even beneficial."

If you are in a dual-income household or have have an irregular work schedule, you simply may not have the time to clean. Having a housekeeper will allow you to spend more time with your family or engage in your favorite pastimes. 

A housekeeper does not have to be in your home for 40 hours a week cleaning. His or her responsibilities can be flexible based on your family's needs. Before you begin your search, make sure you develop an accurate job description of the kind of work that you want done. Do you want someone to do the dishes and light housework a few days a week, or are looking for someone who will run errands and prepare meals? Make sure that any candidate understands what the job demands. 

As you look for domestic staff, consider conducting your search through Colonial Domestic Agency. Our experienced counselors can help you refine your job description and match you with candidates that meet your needs.

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