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Sitcom star draws on her experience as a housekeeper

Working in domestic services can be a rewarding and fulfilling career, and nobody knows that quite like Tonita Castro, who both was a housekeeper and currently plays one on TV. Castro, who cleaned houses when she first came to America from Mexico, now plays the strong and confident housekeeper Edna on the FOX hit TV show "Dads." Castro draws on her own experiences in the field and believes that in many ways, art mimics life.

"[Edna] is strong inside and outside," Castro told Fox News. "She takes care of the business and the house and that is an important role. You don't just let anyone into your home. I am very proud of being the housekeeper."

Although it took her many auditions to land the famous role, Castro believed deep down that her experience as a real-life housekeeper and cleaner would make her successful. She knows that her character is a strong individual who doesn't let any of her problems stand in the way of her happiness. Additionally, she also knows that not only is her role important to the success of the TV show, but furthermore, the position of a housekeeper is essential in real-life households.

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