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Still no nanny, but housekeeper may be helping out with Royal Baby

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been pretty mum about whether or not they will employ a nanny for their newborn son, George, but they seem to acknowledge that they may need some extra help. The couple, who are currently staying with Kate Middleton's parents at their Bucklebury, England estate, have sent for their London housekeeper, Antonella Fresolone, to join them. 

According to the English newspaper Express, Fresolone was seen arriving in Bucklebury last Wednesday. An unnamed source close to the Royal Family told the newspaper that it was no surprise that William and Kate would bring their housekeeper along. 

"Antonella has already been proving invaluable to the Duke and Duchess," said the source. "She is very capable and a great cook. It's like having their very own domestic goddess. She made sure the Duchess was well fed during her pregnancy, cooking up steaming bowls of pasta and delicious risotto dishes. It's no wonder they have brought her with them to Bucklebury; they couldn't do without her."

Hired by the couple in May, Fresolone had previously worked in Buckingham Palace for 13 years as a housekeeper for Queen Elizabeth II. Her duties at Kensington Palace — the residence of the Duke and Duchess — include cleaning, laundry, running errands, preparing basic meals and taking care of the couple's cocker spaniel, Lupo. She is expected to do the same work at the Middleton residence to allow the new parents to have more time with their son.

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