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Summer’s here: Time to get ready for outdoor parties

In addition to the normal, year-round housecleaning activities they need, homeowners now may have to think about the other summer tasks they have to complete. Depending on how your home is set up, you may have more or less to do to clean things before guests come over.

Even if you have kept your home clean during the year, your barbecue or garden party will likely involve some additional preparation. With so much to possibly worry about, domestic housekeepers may be necessary for getting everything ready and saving you time in the process. There's both the structure of the house to consider and the items you'll need to help entertain visitors. Let's take a look at one example of each for some ideas of what to expect.

For cleaning outdoor patios, a key question will be: what's it made of? HGTV gave some different advice depending on the kind of patio being washed. While premade paving stones can be easily cleaned with just some water and a garden hose, other types of stone may demand some solvent and scrubbing to keep things clean. More serious methods might be required if you haven't cleaned the patio in a while.

As far as items go, what about the grill? Without proper care, this staple of the cookout could gather a great deal of dirt over the months. Cleaning it will require attention to both the inside, with attention given to both the cooker and the metal exterior. Soap and water, as well as vinegar, can all help, according to This Old House. The article also advised against solely relying on the flames inside the grill to "burn off" all accumulated filth.

Find housekeepers who will be adaptable enough to help get your home in order, no matter what specific tasks you need to handle. 

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