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“Super Nanny” shares tips on preventing food allergy symptoms

Jo Frost, English nanny and television personality known as the "Super Nanny," suffers from life-threatening food allergies to all nuts and shellfish. In fact, before watching over children, she has to make sure that their home is free from any allergy triggers. Knowing how difficult it is to live with severe food allergies, Frost spelled out her tips for dealing with this life-threatening condition over the holidays. If you or a child you take care of also has a food allergy, take a look at these helpful suggestions, reported by

  • Know the triggers: When dealing with a food allergy, it is best to be as educated as you can be. Knowing exactly what triggers your allergies can prevent you from having a reaction. Also, be sure to read the ingredients on all products to ensure that the food does not include hidden allergens.
  • Speak to the host of the party: "Frost says she talks to the host beforehand about her food allergies in a way that is polite, honest and clear," reports the lifestyle website. "She has found that the more open we are about speaking to others about our triggers and potential reactions, that people tend to become more understanding and empathetic." Whether it be a holiday party or a child's birthday party, it is important to speak up.
  • Talk to your kids: If your child, or the child you nanny for, has a food allergy, he or she could feel left out, especially during parties. It is important to make children with allergies feel safe, comfortable and accepted.

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