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The 5 most important qualities of successful estate managers

Estate managers oversee the logistical details of life for their employer. These details can range from keeping the vacation home stocked with food to ensuring that the home's security system is always working properly. Estate management is a challenging, complicated profession that not everyone can handle, because it requires a variety of special skills and abilities.

Here are some of the most important qualities for an aspiring estate manager to possess:

  • Boundaries: It's important for estate managers to operate behind the scenes, maintaining firm boundaries that make their relationships with their employers straightforward and as effective as possible.
  • Discretion: Many families who employ estate managers are high profile celebrities who value their privacy, so it's crucial that employees be discrete in every situation that arises. The key to a strong career in estate management is consistently honoring the trust placed in you by your employers.
  • Manners: Estate managers must be able to interact with anybody in a polite and deferential manner, greeting guests and handling difficult social situations with tact and poise.
  • Organization: Estate managers take care of a wide array of issues within the household, so organization is crucial to success. Managing an estate and the life of a family requires the ability to multitask without becoming rattled or forgetful.
  • Reliability: It's the job of the estate manager to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the employer's household. This means being trustworthy, reliable and easy-to-reach in the case of a problem or emergency.

If you think you have the necessary qualifications to make a wonderful estate manager, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. We can help place you in the perfect home, a place where your particular skills and talents will be the best fit.

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