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The advantages of using a domestic staffing agency to find a nanny

Hiring a nanny is an important life decision. The person that you employ will be in your house with your children unsupervised for the majority of the day. It is, however, an exhausting process and you may have the urge to just settle and choose whichever nanny sounds best on paper. A safer option is to find an employee though a domestic staffing agency. Below are a few of the benefits of using a professional staffing agency:

Access to career nannies – Highly educated and experienced nannies are usually not the people posting resumes to job boards. If their current family no longer needs their services, they will usually contact an agency who will connect them to a new employer who is similar to the previous one. 

Full background checks – The counselors at professional staffing agencies will take the time to perform an in-depth interview with each applicant, covering all aspects of their qualifications and personal status. Each applicant is carefully screened with references, DMV records, and a complete criminal background check. 

Low turn-over – Potential nannies who are willing to go through an extensive hiring process are very serious about their profession. They want to find a good fit as much as you do. 

Time saver – A placement agency has a large staff and is able to review candidates much faster than someone working alone. 

Not every staffing agency is alike, so be sure that the one you choose fits your family's needs. Colonial Domestic Agency has been in business since 1963 and has extensive experience in providing the highest-quality candidates for all household staff positions.

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