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The benefits of hiring a travel nanny

An increasing number of parents are choosing to to take their children with them on luxury vacations. While this can be an enjoyable experience for the entire family, juggling events and child care can become overwhelming for parents who do not employ full-time or live-in nannies. Hotels sometimes provide babysitters, but children may not be comfortable around these strangers. A popular option is to hire a travel nanny.

Hiring a nanny in advance of travel gives you the opportunity interview multiple applicants and see who works the best with your child. During the hiring process, you may also want to find out if a potential nanny has any special skills that may help on a vacation, such as being able to ski, swim, surf, etc. There are even travel nannies who specialize in keeping your child occupied during a flight.

Many parents would like to have a vacation away from the kids within their family trip. Travel nannies can keep kids entertained while their parents have some much-needed relaxation and alone time.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal about travel nannies, Boston real estate developer Lisa Molvar had nothing but praise for the nanny who accompanied her family to the Cayman Islands. "We were able to go golfing and spend time with friends who don't have kids," she said. "We just preferred to pay the added expense and to have the peace of mind that [our daughter] was with someone we really trusted."

Finding a skilled nanny, especially one experienced in traveling with children can be a difficult task. At Colonial Domestic Agency, our nannies are all professionals. Contact our friendly staff today to be matched with the best caregiver for your child.

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