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The best way to make a bed

It's a classic home care conundrum: how to make the bed perfectly? If you've stayed in a lot of hotels, you may wonder how professionals get everything to fit so perfectly. A House Beautiful article looked at some of the things that give a bed that clean, well-made feel. According to this source, the answer is a combination of having the right materials and arranging them on the bed properly.

Some of these tips might go contrary to what you expect. For example, the article recommended wrapping the mattress in two top sheets instead of using a fitted sheet for the bottom layer: This leaves the bed's occupant feeling more snug, as long as the sheet corners are placed securely under the edges.

For the best look, the person making the bed may also need to use a little strength, flattening the pillows against the wall and folding the potentially heavy comforter. These tips suggest that some handiness with moving lots of bulky bedding around may be as helpful as knowing what looks the best in the bedroom.

Of course, it can be hard to dress a bed up correctly if you don't have the right pieces to do so. Before giving a bed a new look, it helps to review linens, sheets and other pieces to make sure there are enough items to use. This can also extend to the quilt topper and accent pillows you place on top of the comforter cover after everything else has been made up.

If you want experienced help in these and other household tasks, you can turn to a domestic staffing agency. This will help you find housekeepers that can get your home in order and keep it looking great.

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