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The importance of chauffeur-driven cars at the Academy Awards

If you tuned in to watch last Sunday's Academy Awards, you were presented with a lot of glitz and glamour. But, you probably didn't see what goes on behind the scenes of Hollywood's biggest night. How do gorgeous movie stars arrive at the ceremony looking flawless?

In addition to makeup and hair crew, publicists and stylists, personal chauffeurs play a big role on Oscar night. In fact, The Academy Awards drew more than 1,200 cars and SUVs to the Dolby Theatre on Sunday. Celebrities trust their drivers to navigate through busy Los Angeles traffic while getting them to the show on time. In addition to simply driving, chauffeurs also have an array of other duties such as making last minute pit stops—ranging from food runs to the pharmacy—on the way to the show. A lot of times they also have to be a celebrity's security guard, shielding their high-profile client from unruly fans.

Additionally, most chauffeurs are not only there to drive their client, they also act as a trusted friend. You can learn a lot about someone while stuck in traffic.

"A good chauffeur knows the human heart as intimately as he does a Beverly Hills side street or the quiet expanse of a pre-dawn highway," writes Jeffrey Fleishman in an article for the Los Angeles Times.

"Sometimes a 20-minute ride turns into 10 years of loyalty," personal chauffeur Reggie Colwell tells the source.

As you can see, being a personal chauffeur in Beverly Hills is a rewarding career and can even open the gates to Hollywood. If you want to forward your career in this industry be sure to register with Colonial Domestic Agency!

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