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The job interview follow-up: Harder than it seems

When you're on the hunt for a job, simply making it through the interview can be the hardest part. You have to meet your potential employer, ask the right questions, give the right answers and make the best impression possible.

Once it's all over, it might seem like it's finally time to relax, but there's another phase you have to remember: the important "follow-up." And while it's less obvious than the interview itself, the follow-up also has its own unwritten rules worth following to stay on good terms with your possible employer.

One of the most difficult aspects of following up is getting the timing right. Reach out too soon and you may seem overeager, but wait too long and you'll miss your chance. If you ask what the person's timeline for potential hires is ahead of time, you could better judge the proper amount of time to wait. In any case, it's still good to have a bit of a delay between the interview and your chance to get more information.

This is where thank you notes can come in handy. These can come soon after the interview itself, and can show the place of work that you're interested without overplaying your hand. Even if you don't get a response back, it keeps the other person thinking about you as they continue to look for hires.

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