The personal assistant: ‘silent partner’ or ‘mission control’?

An executive assistant in Beverly Hills can be many things, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Although there are some duties all helpers might have in common, ultimately you can determine what, exactly, this person does for your life. How many projects should you put under their control? No matter what you want from this staff member, you should be able to count on someone with experience, skills and flexibility.

A 2015 Business Insider piece gave some examples of different employer/assistant relationships. Several assistants to high-profile celebrities and professionals discussed the way they work and how they manage each person. Vanessa King, who has worked for actress Julianne Moore and her husband, described her role as "mission control," coordinating things while the movie star remained busy.

Another assistant, Lindsay Colburn, gave a different description for her work with professional event planner Bronson Van Wyck: "The whole culture of our company is about being behind the scenes, being the silent partner to our clients, the steady hand, the thoughtful advisor," she said. "I guess that's kind of what I am for Bronson!"

Finding that perfect relationship with an assistant may take time, but it can ultimately be rewarding. Some celebrities have been known to take good care of their assistants, giving them presents and treating them well. If things go smoothly, you could develop this kind of rapport with the assistant, eventually feeling comfortable enough to share more and more of your life with them.

To get to that point, you'll need to start with someone experienced who knows the ropes. Hiring a personal assistant is easier when you use a staffing service, since they can verify a person's credentials and experience. Contact us today to get started.

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