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The three types of nanny care, Part 2: Surrogate

When it comes to in-home child care, there are three basic care models that nannies engage in – custodial, surrogate and coordinated. In today's post, we'll outline the surrogate care model to help you figure out if this type of arrangement is right for your family. 

What is it?

If you recall from our previous post about custodial care, nannies who work under that type of arrangement are expected to follow a parent's explicit directions. They are usually given an outlined schedule for the child's activities. A nanny who has been hired to perform surrogate or full-charge care has an almost opposite role. 

She is the primary caregiver for the child and will receive very little guidance from parents about her responsibilities. This type of nanny will also be trusted to make decisions on behalf of the child and make sure that all of his or her physical and emotional needs are being met. 

A full-charge nanny will also perform duties that one might think a parent would do, including visiting the pediatrician, meeting with teachers and deciding on what the child is allowed to eat.

What type of family needs this arrangement?

Dual-income families in which both parents travel extensively or have hectic work schedules usually find that full-charge nannies are the best type of caregivers for their children. They also expect nannies in this role to have extensive childcare experience and possibly an educational background in child development.

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