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The three types of nanny care, Part 3: Coordinated

In this series, we have been describing the three most common types of care that nannies provide – custodial, surrogate and coordinated. We hope that this information will help you in your process of hiring a nanny. In today's post, we'll detail a coordinated care arrangement. 

What is it?

The two types of care that we detailed earlier in this series, custodial and surrogate, are almost at opposite ends of the spectrum. While a nanny in a custodial arrangement is heavily managed by a child's parents, one in a surrogate role works autonomously. Coordinated care lies squarely in between these two models. 

In this arrangement, the parents and the nanny work together to raise the family's children. The nanny is considered part of the parenting team, but respects the fact her employers have the final say in any decision that will be made. Parents also trust a nanny to make decisions on her own and be comfortable enough to seek advice from them if she needs it. 

What type of family would benefit from this arrangement?

Most families find that coordinated care works for them. Parents who hire nannies to work in this role are usually very involved in their children's lives. Many seek a third opinion or someone with a background in education or child development to advise them and help them make decisions about their children. 

Hiring a nanny in Los Angeles can sometimes be a difficult process. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to a staffing service like Colonial Domestic Agency. Our counselors are skilled at matching you with the best candidates for the position. 

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